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Le Faber-Castell Polychromos sono cambiate? (up 2023)

Da qualche anno appaiono sempre più dubbi sulla genuinità di alcuni prodotti Faber-Castell e, in particolare, delle Polychromos vendute online. Noi stessi, quando abbiamo recensito le Faber Castell Polychromos Limited Edition, ci eravamo posti delle domande e vi avevamo promesso ulteriori indagini in merito. Il momento della verità è arrivato!

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Arteza, Castle Art, Brutfuner, Kalour, Zenacolor etc. come orientarsi tra i marchi cheap?

Arteza, Castle Art, Mont Marte, Artina, Artsnacks, Royal & Langnickel, Zenacolor, Shuttle Art, Kalour e tanti altri sono marchi noti a chi coltiva hobby artistici e non vuole spendere grosse cifre. Ma vale la pena acquistare i loro prodotti?

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How reliable are benchmarks and extensive hardware tests?

In reviews, the reliability of benchmarks of smartphones, CPUs, GPUs and other components has been questioned for decades, yet many people draw on that very data before buying a new product. In this article, we want to try to explore this in more depth, putting forward our points of view in the usual way: simple and without unnecessary technicalities. We will also deal with tests on other hardware components, and not just benchmark software. This is going to be a very long article, for tea with biscuits.

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Choosing the best headset

Gaming headset; pc headset; gaming earphones; with microphone; supercalifragilisticexpialiearphocious... for friends it is simply headset. Excluding sound purists, with the plug strictly plugged into the integrated Realtek, we all own the headphone+microphone combo. The bad habit of headsets, compared to traditional headphones, is that they tend to break sooner. So how do we choose the best headset for our needs?

Le Faber-Castell Polychromos sono cambiate? (up 2023)
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